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Start your week with the right mindset to live a Life Designed by God

Colossians 3:2 (ESV)

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.


Are you living in excuses?

I cannot do it because . . .

I cannot attend church because . . .

I do not have the time.

I have to work to care for my family.

I need to make sure I have balance -

I got a social life.

I have kids.

I do not have help.

I do not know how.

You get the point. I am sure there a thousand and one excuses to not serve, therefore trust God. I have heard a lot of them. Not to say that your concerns are not important but think of it this way. If God made excuses to not love us, care for us or to fulfill His promises because He was too busy, where would that leave us? Devasted, destitute, broken and confused. Yet, He tells us if we seek Him FIRST and His Righteousness, all these things would be given (added) to us. Matthew 6:33

What are these things? Glad you asked. If you go back to Matthew 6:25 and read down Jesus asks (paraphrased), 'why do you worry about clothes, what you should eat or drink? If God feeds the birds and clothes the lilies of the fields, do you think He would not also take care of the very creation in which he breathed life into?' God knows that you need time to rest, He knows you need time to fellowship, He knows you need finances to care for your family, He knows your children need food, water, clothes and a roof over their heads.

Simply put God just wants you to trust Him and put Him first and He will make sure you have everything you need. So, stop making excuses, stop worrying and trust the Lord and lean not to your own resources (Proverbs 3:5-6). After all, remember He is the Creator, the Source of your resources. (Read Genesis 1, 2)

Minister Dr. D

Living Life Designed by God

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