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Hope Restored

God will restore those things we have lost hope in. He will rise them up and bring life to it. He will restore hope to the land and His people. Be encouraged that no matter what the circumstances look like, continue to have faith in God. Just as when Israel was disobedient and they were placed in captivity, God sent his messenger to tell them they will be restored. Take a moment to read Ezekiel 37:1-14 where God prophesied through Ezekiel to the people of Israel to not lose hope, restoration is coming. Even now God provides hope that we too will be restored. Let's not focus on what is going on around us, but what God is doing through our faithfulness. He is giving us rays of sunshine, glimpse of hope, signs that we will be restored and will be better than new at the end of this season. He will restore those things that we lost hope in. He will revive those things that we have forgotten or even become accepting of. It is not going to be in the way and the form in which you think it is going to come, but it is coming. Stay Faithful, Stay Hopeful and

Stay Encouraged,

Love Dietrich

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