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As parents with special ability kids the greatest thing we want is for our children to be included and not excluded. We can become so focused on trying to make our kids a part of the ‘ordinary’ world like 'normal' kids that we overlook the most beautiful thing about them. Their ‘extraordinariness’, their differences. God says you are holy, because I am holy. Holy means to be set apart from the world. Our children are holy. They are set apart not only because they belong to God, but also because of their differences and challenges. Even more so, we as parents have too been set apart on a special assignment/mission to care for these sensitive souls. To love them, advocate for them and speak life into them. Not to change them, but to embrace their very beings. So rather than trying to make them fit into the world, rest on the promises of God's plan, let our children make their own way and set the standards. After all shouldn't that be what we teach all of our children.

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